Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Day To Remember...

There is something wonderful in having friends. When your parents are just too busy in their lives to celebrate your birthday with you (although I'm sure they love you just the same), your pals will be eager to take you with them and brainwash you (just kidding about the brainwashing thing, although, I have to admit, it does happen). We went out on the 8th. Unfortunately for me, my birthday was spent under nerve-wracking conditions (JPA interview, if you really need to know), which, by the way, I met two girls who share the same birthday as me. >< The day started early. 5.00 to be exact. Don't know why. Did my things (I won't go into the details) and the next thing I know, I'm right outside my darlings bedroom window with a note. After spending some time together, we were on our way to BTR LRT station where the (HOT!!!) Adam was waiting there.

From BTR to Hang Tuah, to Times Square, to Pavillion, you know the drill.

Watched "Date Night" with the gang. It was seriously hilarious, seriously mature, and seriously... I think we were the only one's who understood what was being said. Having said so (no pun intended) it wasn't surprising to hear our laughter dominating the cinema. Adam, if you're reading this, zip your v*****!!!

After that, we went to Chocalate Lounge for dessert.

Feast your eyes on these desserts. Mmmmmmm... *smacks tongue*

And finally, my birthday cake. It's called "Opera Cake" if I'm not mistaken. Alternating layers of melted chocolate and mocha.

Iven decided that the strawberries should not be wasted eaten raw.

The rest of our roam in Bukit Bintang was nothing spectacular if compared to our indulgence in Chocolate Lounge. I shall only say that Adam loves the sound of flatulence. Authentic, and man-made as well.

Our family photo. Although incomplete, with 1 in Germany and 2 in college.

Once again, I gotta say, thanks guys. It was a day to remember.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

JPA Interview Experience 2010

Place: PICC, Putrajaya.

Time: 2.00pm

I'm making this as simple as possible to all potential JPA candidates because I know that you're nervous. I'll just probably number everything.

1.Make sure you've prepared your folder containing all your info according to the list you will find on the official website. Eg: SPM slip, birth certs, and especially the borang pengesahan pendapatan bulanan keluarga because that needs to be authorized.

2. Make sure you know how to get there. If you don't, use Google Earth.

3. Prepare your speech. Don't memorize. Don't write an essay. Just jot down some notes.

Question 1: Perkenalkan diri anda (Name, parents occupation, school life, co-curicular activities, your chosen course, why did you choose that course. All in BM, usually. If your master of the language has "karat-ed" like mine, I suggest you make use of your DwiBahasa dictionary, especially for certain keywords. Bring along to Putrajaya if you have to, like me. You never know when you, or the pretty girl sitting next to you might need it.

Question 2: Discuss (Usually in English)
Although some blogs have posted a list of discussion topics, I strongly suggest that you should keep an open mind. Although topics like Bahasa Malaysia for Science and Maths, Handphones, Wawasan 2020 are predicted, out of the ordinary topics do occur. For example, mine was "The average Malaysian family consists of the parents and 1 or 2 children. Is this ideal?"

Tips: Read the news. Anything hot recently might be asked.

4. Wear formal. Like really formal. There are 10,000 people applying and only 1500 will get it. Unless you're one of the top students in Malaysia. Your chances are merely dust. Don't make it worse by doing a bad presentation.

Guys: Long sleeve shirts, tie, slacks, if possible leather shoes.
Girls: Baju kurung (Even for non-malays), or those office clothes you see executives wear.
Nothing too short.

5. If your interview is in the afternoon, make sure you have your lunch (and I mean a full one) because your interview time might be late. I couldn't eat my food (because I was so nervous) so I just took enough and I thought that if my interview was going to be late, I might have some time for a quick snack. WRONG!!!! If your interview time is set at 3.00,4.00 or 5.00, you had better have a full meal because you're going to the waiting rooms starting at 2.00, even though your turn will be at 5.00.

6. Get to know the people who are going to be in the same room as you. Make friends with them, and share. It does help take some stress of you as well as pass time. It certainly has made me forget about my hunger.

7. Upon entering the interview room, keep smiling. No matter how nervous you are, keep it to the minimum. Shake hands with the interviewers and greet them. Remember to say thank you when you're done.

8. After everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves, the interviewers will give a topic and about 3 minutes to think about it. Everyone will have a chance to say something about it. Try to use points that are more mature, relating it to the current issues in and outside the country.

9. Don't be too shy to voice your opinions and neither should you be too gung-ho until you dominate the discussion. It's not all about you.

10. Whatever it is, the interviewers just want to see how well you speak in both languages. They already know everything about you. You just have to tell it to them again.

11. All the best to you. Pray hard.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The thing about kisses... they're not always as perfect as what you see in the movies. And you can never trust what other people tell you as well.

All the talk about exchanging saliva, french kissing for 10+ minutes and all that still makes my stomach turn. ><

To them, it's like an achievement. A mark to for others so that they can be known as an experienced one. Most of the boys go "I've done that, what about you..."

It seems to be a very small issue to be solved by just getting a girl and giving her a smooch. Highly superficial.

But to me, I guess I'm different. The first kiss means a lot to me. It takes a lot of consideration before actually doing it. Is she the right one? Will she accept me? ... before actually going into the details such as when? how? and all that.

I know that others have been saying that we're pretty slow for such a steady couple. But I don't mind, and I think she doesn't as well.

Nevertheless, I have chosen the girl I would share my first kiss with. Although it was nothing like the movies, and no more than 2 seconds, I can confidently say that she loves me more than I could ever love her.

Although it felt really awkward and nothing like what you hear from others or see in the movies, I guess the kiss we shared was simple and sincere, much more than I could hope for.

To my darling out there. x3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Wheel-Life REality Show.

... is happening before my eyes.

Well, although it's not American Idol, I must say, the tension around here is tighter than the cables that holds the Penang Bridge.

A word of warning to all readers,
None of this is funny, and this is all real. Just wait till it's your turn.

But wait, I haven't told you what's the event that's got me on my nerves as well. And believe me, not many events really make me nervous.

It's the driving exam. You may say "Nahhh, it's a piece of cake." I'd say the same thing now, but if you asked me when it was happening, I'd tell you the complete opposite.

4 Similiarities to the American Idol Auditions:
1. You get there really early, but it starts one whole hour later.
2. You only get one chance, make it, or break it.
3. If you make it, you'll definitely be in cloud nine, and there are tons of other who wish the same thing would happen to them.
4. If you don't make it, there would be gasps, followed by pin drop silence, except for the sound of your own heart accelerating.

And yes, I am not joking, and neither am I exaggerating. This is a real-life story. No fiction anywhere in between.

Stage 1: Slope.
This is the most embarassing stage if you fail. That's because if you do, countless eyes will be watching, and you'll never get to the next stage. Plus, you just blew RM150, and you have to see this place once more and go through it all again.

Driving to the point where your front tyres are occupying 50% of that narrow yellow line is nothing. It's getting those @#$%-up cars to move forward.

Allowing the car to move backwards results in immediate disqualification. And so does disobeying the officers orders.

Now, why does it give me the feeling that all that is happening is similiar to American Idol.
From an audience point of view:
1. You connect with whoever is being tested. When the person passes, you feel a hint of joy as well. When he fails, the tension increases.
2. You hope you make it even though 60% of the people don't.

From a candidates point of view:
1. Your future rests upon this moment, it's either do or die.
2. You hold your breathe till you pass.
3. You are affected by the audience.
4. If you make it, you're on cloud nine. And you start calling everyone to tell of your achievements the moment you can take out your cell phone.
5. If you fail, you blame it on every single thing you can blame. Blame it on the way you slept yesterday, to the time you woke up this morning, on the way you dressed, on the car you got, on not adjusting the car seat properly, to the bloody clutch and accelerator, to the @#$%^&!!! officer and etc.

See what I mean.

Other stages, although are just as wild, are not as worthy mentioning now compared to stage 1. Provided you already paid the extras.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Irony Of Growing Up

Growing up is ironic. How so...

When we're small, cute, innocent, we can't wait to grow up. Stronger, bigger, wiser (so-called)....

But now, when our wishes are granted, when we're old, we just wished we could relive our childhood once more. The carefree life, the life with little responsibilities and expectations.

Sadly, no one can turn back the clock. Science may have been able to make someone look younger, but it does not make the person younger in anyway, physically, emotionally, mentally.

But then again, there is some reason in trying to grow up faster (when you're a toddler). Without the hormones, the experiences, the physical growth, there is much that one will miss out if you're not old enough. You will be unable to experience excitement, love, agony, pain, euphoria, desperation... (ok, maybe a little)

But what if, you could possess the body of a teen, but still having the same mental properties. You're actualy 30, but having a body of a teen, young, energetic.

Now that, would be something...

Monday, January 25, 2010

My 1st Driving Class...

... was seriously fun!!!!!

I know, I just drove my mum's car round and round a parking lot, but I never expected Mr. Leong (my driving instructor) to allow me to drive on the road. XD

But of course, a sane driving instructor will not allow you to drive on the road on your 1st lesson unless he's fully convinced you can drive stick.

Nevertheless, after half an hour driving round and round the parking lot (the same parking lot I've been driving my mother's car in...), he was quite confident that I could drive.

Reason: 1. The engine didn't go kaput.
2. I was super calm (yeah right, my palms were sweating like it was in a sauna)
3. My mother already taught me the basics.

Then, it was time to swim with the sharks.
Taking small roads that lead to the amazons (where the piranhas are,), he directs me to a slope where the ultimate test is, which determines whether his judgement was right or wrong.

Giving me a brief explanation of what you should do when you stop at the slope, I listen intently and said to myself, "if only mum had given me the same instructions, I would already have mastered this task."

Let me contrast mum's guide to driving on slopes with his,

His instructions were...
Step 1: Put the car in gear.
Step 2: Press the accelerator till u hear revving sounds.
Step 3: Gently release the clutch until the car starts vibrating (which means she's ready to go!)
Step 4: Release the handbrake
...And what do you know, the car didn't go backwards and neither did it die. xp

Mum's instructions were...
"You have to feel it."
"Don't release the clutch so fast."
and last but not least...
"You see, you release the clutch too fast."

Haiz, I'm lucky mum does not work as a driving instructor or I'm sure to fail.

Anyway, after the final hurdle, he decided that I was capable of handling the kancil on the main roads. I was as thrilled as a boy who has finally learned how to cycle without falling. There is just one wee bit that gets on my nerves from time to time. It's when other people potong me and give me a look.

Whoa, some were so intimidating, I would have lost control of the car should I continue staring at him.

Other people:
"Hey kiddo, you drive so slow, a snail could easily overtake you." (Street racer)
"Get out of the way, kiddo, or I might just crush you, you @#$%^&!!!!" (Lorry driver)
"Die lorrr, a boy also dun know how to drive properly ah. How can?! (Auntie)

Me: "Just you wait and see. One day, you'll eat my dust!"

Today's acheivement:
1. Highest speed: 55 km/h
2. Highest gear: 4
3. Number of times engine goes kaput: 0

But the thing I loved the most is in this class was... the air-con was on at full blast the whole journey. xp

Next lesson: Parking and reversing!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally I can legally drive....

I'm already too old to start driving at this age.

But still, better late than never.

Then on the other hand, my darling has been asking me to "quickly learn so can take her go kai kai."